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A summit addressing the urgent climate crisis confronting the Rogue Basin

 October 13th/14th 2015

Inn at the Commons, 200 N. Riverside Ave, Medford

 We invite your attendance and support.

The intended audience for the event includes elected officials, government department staff, professionals, decision-makers, students, and the general public.

The target total is 300.

Critical Questions

How urgent is the need to address climate changes?

Who needs to be involved in developing regional responses?

What ideas and tools are already available to assist regional responses?

What goals can be set for the region?

How can we encourage broader involvement for needed actions?

Intended Outcomes

Participants will be better informed about critical regional aspects of climate change.

Pertinent regional agencies, organizations, and individuals will become more involved.

Tools and actions will be made available to help regional efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the regional level and help communities prepare for inevitable regional climate change consequences. 



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