Exhibits will be open throughout the Rogue Basin Climate Summit.

Exhibits by category

Guidelines for Exhibitors

SOCAN reserves the right to reject any exhibitor application.

  • Exhibits will share information based on accurate, current, and evidenced-based science relating to climate change and its consequences as supported by the scientific community. Applications are subject to review by the organizing committee.
  • To keep this summit uniquely focused on education and awareness, exhibitors must have prior approval to sell items or collect money. Exhibitors may advertise, accept applications, registrations or memberships, and collect contact information for future promotion or sales.
  • Canvassing the event is not permitted. Signatures for petitions may only be collected at your exhibit space.

The Climate Summit is striving to be a Zero-waste Event. Exhibitors are asked to do their part to prevent and reduce waste generation; we’ll help by providing ideas on how to do so.

Exhibitor Application